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I was told probably by a newer employee that if I wanted to cancel my membership, I had to do so on the 1st of the month. I questioned her since I was pretty positive you had to cancel BEFORE the 1st of the month, but she insisted that it had to be ON the 1st of the month.

So obviously I believed the employee. I went in on August 1st to cancel my membership. The employee (different than the one who misinformed me) said that whoever I spoke to was completely wrong and that I had to cancel before the 1st. She felt so bad about my experience and let me tan in their highest level bed for free.

She also gave me corporate's number so I could call and get a refund. I talked to Jennie and she said too bad so sad and that I should've known that I had to cancel before the 1st. Excuse me but maybe your employees should know when to cancel before they go tell customers the wrong date and screw them. After throwing a fit and Jennie saying she had to look at tapes, I got my $60 refund and cancelled my account.

September 1st rolls around and I get charged again! What! I tried to call corporate but it kept ringing busy. I tried for 2 days-still rang busy.

I emailed them and never got a response. I had to call off a friends phone because Tan Pro Corporate had BLOCKED my number. I talked to Jennie again who tried to say she wasn't the one I talked to back in August and said she couldn't refund me. After complaining and saying I would come after Tan Pro for scamming me, she said she'd have to charge me for the time I tanned FREE in their highest level bed EVEN THOUGH their employee let me tan for free or else I would not have.

I said whatever and was finally refunded half the amount. I ended up canceling my card so Tan Pro couldn't keep charging me.

Their customer service is absolutely terrible and their employees are uneducated just like their corporate employees. Tan Pro scams.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tan Pro Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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