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I went to TanPro and they said I could not tan there because without allowing them to scan in my fingerprint. I sent an email to the company got a generic response and left it at that.

Today I received an email from one of the owners accusing me of registering there under multiple addresses and trying to get deals by doing such. He stated this is why they started the fingerprint system. My name is very common and I have always had to tell them which person I am when I go there.

Then he stated that if they really wanted my fingerprint they could just lift it off the sign in pen. I am totally shocked at how unprofessional this place is don not go there.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #617772

This is BS EVERYONE has to scan their finger. It was done because of people who register under different names, but mainly for people who who try to share packages. It's also to prevent people from tanning more than once in a day by using different names.

to loulou Columbus, Ohio, United States #786875

You still dont need to be rude about it. Tan Pro staff a many locations tends to be very rude

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